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Your Scandinavian Partner
for Brand Growth

Based in Stockholm and the heart of Scandinavia, Retailbros and Hey Agency are a
combined and integrated distribution and communications agency within the
beauty and health segment. We provide brands that want to expand in the nordic
region with a complete 360 solution to strategically enter the market, grow sales
and communicate and activate brands and products over time.
Retailbros was first born as an agency with sales and distribution at its very core,
but over time found that our partners were struggling to keep up with several
points of contacts working with additional agencies for PR and communication.
That’s when we created Hey Agency – a full service in-house PR and
communications agency responsible for communicating all of our brands to
media, influencers and consumers – offering less work for our partners and a more
integrated and streamlined distribution and communication brand strategy.
We want to present our partners with a one-stop shop for the Scandinavian market,
providing services within both sales, distribution, warehousing and logistics, as
well as strategic PR and communication including but not limited to social media,
influencer marketing and collaborations, earned and bought media visibility,
events and product seeding.